The STEM fair was held on Friday, April 21st 2017. Please check back next school year so you don’t miss out on this fun and educational annual event.


Download HES STEM Fair workbook

What is a STEM Fair?

– An event where every project entry has a testable question or problem identified
– An event that showcases the connection between science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
– An opportunity for students to explore the natural world and apply scientific skills and processes while seeking knowledge
– An opportunity for schools to showcase student accomplishments

Why: To provide students a worthwhile learning experience that focuses on a personal interest in an area of STEM.

When: Friday, April 21st, 2017                                     Where: Hillsborough Elementary School.

How to Register: Registrations will be open on Community Pass from 03/22. You can access Community Pass via the icon on the top of this page. There is a participation fee of $4 for each student. The last date to register is 04/06. You need to work on your project independently. No group projects will be accepted.

Judging: Our goal is to encourage scientific exploration and discovery and promote a deep lifelong passion for science. Each participant will have an opportunity to briefly present their project to a judge, and they will each receive a certificate. Questions will be presented in an informal and positive manner. Each student must present the project and explain it to the judges within the allotted time of 4 minutes. All students will receive a science fair T-shirt.

Apart from this there will be prizes awarded to the best project from each grade. The rubric on which the judging will be based is on the back of this page. After registration visit the STEM Fair page on the HSA website to download the STEM workbook which will be a great help in planning your project and presenting it. The student does NOT have to use the workbook but it is a good resource to get started.

For Each Project A Student Must:

1) Register in advance through Community Pass by April 6th, 2017.
2) Review the STEM Workbook for details: STEM Workbook
3) Create a display, which includes a display board.
4) Present the project to a Science Fair Judge on April 21st.

Apart from the STEM fair we will be having two competitions this year. The Mousetrap Dragster Contest and Popsicle Stick Bridge Contest. These competitions will be open to all students irrespective of their entry to the science fair. Please see flyers sent home for rules. There will be a separate registration for those students who will not be participating in the science fair. Students who will be registering for the STEM fair will have the opportunity to sign up for these competitions during the STEM fair registration process.